Get Your Latest Etisalat Chat Or Social Pack IP Here

Good morning and happy new month(December 2015) this page still continues till etisalat quits it's smart pack(social pack and chat pack). If you need etisalat social pack or chat pack ip then stick to this page as i will continue to update it.

Etisalat Social Pack ip for 3rd December 2015 8080 3128 8080

Etisalat Social Pack ip for 4rd December 2015

Guys some of my blog post won't be showing for the main time especially sports Stream and movie stream(kodi and live football matches) Please bear with me.

Notice to all those people dropping their numbers and asking to join my whatsapp group please i don't have any whatsapp group, if you have any question or problem contact me. Check my contact information and you will get my contacts there

People saying this is blocked am showing you this as a proof that Etisalat Social Pack is still working and very fast with the manual speed throttling method. It can take time but you have to exercise patience,just downloaded now(the pic above).

Will be updating this post with new fast IPS every two two days, so always check on this particular page. If you have any problem post it through the comment box

Abdulaziz Abbas
Abdulaziz Abbas

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  1. Pls how do i do this Etisalat social pack settings on my simple android server. Pls help